Safety standards in bathroom

We know that electricity poses significant risks to our health if we do not take proper precautions. A first basic rule is that we should in principle perform any work under stress. In addition, there are certain circumstances that indicate that we have a special care, the water is a good conductor of electricity, so if in a dry environment are dangerous currents under higher voltage of 50 V, with a moist environment will risk Electrocution from 25 V, and 12 V if we were talking about a wet environment.

Safety standards in bathroom

The three security zones bathroom.
Establezicas are three zones of security in the bathroom. The more protected is the prohibitive zone, comprising the surface of the tub or shower base to 2.25 m. In this area does not allow any type of electrical installation.

Below is the protection zone, which covers horizontally the space up to a meter of the closed area; vertically maintains the height of 2.25. In this area are prohibited outlets, switches and junction boxes. There are only permitted facilities lighting double insulated, such as cabinets with built-in light, or basis for razors with its own transformer isolated.

In the rest of the bathroom, you allow all appliances that meet the requirements for water protection, double insulation and grounding, or an isolation transformer. The switches should not have metal parts and plugs provide ground and find about 30 cm of soil.

In case of electric starts energizing and seek medical care if the case looks serious.

If you were under the power must be removed the affected person trying not to touch it with your body or any metallic object as you could electrocute too. Use global object wood or strip her clothes. If you stop breathing, performed mouth-to-mouth. Do not cover yourself with blankets.

While waiting for medical aid, you can stimulate your circulation friccionándole the body with hands.

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