Annoying Neighbors

Today we aim to identify the five most annoying aspects of your neighbors, who in one way or another, are the people who are forced to live. If you can not stand over your neighbors, uses the following tips HogarTotal has prepared for you.

There are all kinds: insistent, loud, antisocial, quirky, bitter, pleitistas, among others. The neighbors have this unique feature to become a real headache that can hardly be overcome.

Annoying Neighbors

Coexistence with neighbors has never been easy, however, it is a very complicated work that we know how to handle with subtlety and boldness. Do not let your home life is difficult for a number of disagreements with neighbors misfortunes.

Types of neighboring solutions
The entire borrowing
Problem: your typical neighbor who can not live without stop borrow something, whether gardening tools or electronic apparatus. Solution: Learn to say no and avoid the trouble spots to worsen relations. It all depends on how you handle the situation.

He who will not stop complaining
Problem: complains of the economic, the political, the singers, the national league, the latest trends in summer … never satisfied with anything that happens, and sometimes repeats the same words hundreds of times.
Solution: organize your time to avoid clashing on the same schedule.

He who never does anything
Problem: the painting of the walls can be flaking but does not move a finger. The home garden can be infected insect but learned how to live with them. This guy never lifted a Sunday early to do household chores.
Solution: nobody wants a neighboring house with bad look, right? Find a way to convince him to fix the outside of your house, otherwise, go thinking on moving .

Whoever neglects all
Problem: changes clothes with the window open, shamelessly shows her body and shows bad manners in full view of others.
Solution: buy some darker shades and avoid the eye on that side of the house.

That does not stop ringing the bell
Problem: no matter what time it is, no matter if you’re in a yoga session or full shower. The neighbors will not stop nagging touch your ring to fetch a conversation.
Solution: turn the ringer on and off the phone to rest comfortably without any interruption. You can also buy a dog to scare the neighbors insistent.

Living with your neighbors will never be easy, but at least you can try to correct those issues that interfere with your normal life. Good Luck!

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