Loft Style in Decor

The Loft Source
The loft comes in the 70’s in New York, with its epicenter in Soho, as an initiative of students and artists (sculptors, painters and photographers) seeking economic spaces to live and work.

Motivated by affordable rent, moved into vacant warehouses and industrial premises. This would allow them to integrate work and home in one place, at lower cost and with the possibility of having large and illuminated spaces.

Loft Style in Decor

Later, the demand for these spaces joined new ventures: restaurants, shops, painting studios, photography studios and art galleries, loft and quickly moved to the home, making disused warehouses and factories of a large housing , spacious and comfortable.

The loft is a modern, cutting-edge, high-level, which was gradually readjusting to smaller areas and blending with elements of other styles.

Loft style features
The loft is characterized by large areas without divisions, bright and prominent manufacturing aspect. The spacious loft needs, preferably old factories or warehouses (although you can also build a loft from scratch). It is notable for the absence of divisions, with interconnected areas, although they could have more private areas and separate from the rest. The empty space is the most important element of style loft.

Another distinctive feature of the loft is the use of two floors or mezzanines that although reported, separate the main living area, living room and kitchen, the bedroom, study or other additional rooms. The combined plants usually accomplished with significant weight decorative staircases.

The visual integration of all this great space is paramount, using the floors, walls, materials and colors to achieve uniformity.
The most typical materials are cement, brick, metal, plastic and rubber. The choice of these materials is primarily to achieve a certain aspect, that industrial or manufacturing. A good idea is to preserve the original structural elements (columns, walls, beams, etc..) And incorporated into the design.

Loft Style in Decor

The decor of the loft is cold in appearance. The colors, designs and objects, together with the materials used, should be able to achieve the sensation. Remember that space is the main element of the loft, and therefore use materials, colors and elements that respect and not intrude into the space.

The colors used in this style usually are usually cold, with gray, blue and white mostly, but also used vanilla tones, earth or bone.

For its spaciousness light plays a fundamental role in the loft. You will need to have large windows and high ceilings, allowing access important light throughout the space. The light should flood the environment. A good lighting is also important.

Some details and ideas to consider
• The loft requires a considerable height of the ceilings, but if he had, you can create the illusion of height by the decor and finishes.

• The loft allows detail work in sight, eg columns, cables, pipes & Miscellaneous electrical or heating.

• At first the loft seemed cold and pure geometric lines. The industrial aesthetic was what distinguished him. However, now you can organize a loft environment with mixtures of styles, in warmer environments, furniture and design objects.

• The loft is a good resource for studies or professional offices. Your space, light and design make the area more interesting creative spaces.

• If we are looking for a property to make it a loft, ideally an old local and untapped, preferably with high ceilings, which allows us to save costs money and then invest in reform.

• The lofts are ideal for one-person households or those who wish to integrate work and living in the same place without problem.

• If required divisions avoid walls and doors, using alternative elements: libraries, panels, fabrics, etc..

Loft Style in Decor

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