Another trick to break deadlock

We have already seen how to try to solve the problem with little effort . But if the lock remains locked and if we are talking about a security door , the issue is serious and requires a solution a bit ‘more laborious. Being able to unlock the lock on your door, however, will allow you to avoid the costly and inevitable drawbacks of the intervention of the blacksmith.

Another trick to break deadlock

Regarding the cylinder locks with double-bitted, often depends on the block by a misalignment of the two sections of the cylinder . To overcome this problem, we will use a specific feature of this lock and of the related keys.

To solve the question of our lock locked and can reclaim our apartment, we will need three copies of our double-bit key and a metal saw. The first key cut by the blade on the left, the second key cut by the blade on the right, the third key will serve intact. We insert the first key change and try to make a tour. We do the same with the second key, and finally, let’s do a couple of laps the whole key. We repeat the process until the lock is closed will not have begun to run correctly.

Whether you were inside or outside the home, the lock is closed by an access door is a rather tedious requiring a quick fix, and possibly not drastic.

First a tip : the error to be avoided is to force the rotation of the key. This could result in the deformation of the key or the worsening situation of the cylinder.
The first attempt to unlock the lock is to use a fluid to be dispensed within the unlocking of the lock and on the map of the key. If we are lucky, you will unlock the cylinder without too much effort. If the jam depends on a slight mismatch of the slats of the cylinder , one can try to use, alternatively, the graphite powder to be distributed, with a blower, and locked inside the lock on the key.

Both in the case of the lubricant of graphite powder, insert the key into the lock and try to turn it gently in both directions.

The biggest challenge is that of the locks with cylinders complex . The case of a security door with lock locked immediately brings to mind the more radical solution: the intervention of the blacksmith. First, however, you may use a device that can save us a lot ‘of money.

I’ll talk about in the next post dedicated to the solutions to be adopted in case of locked locks .

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