Protect wooden doors with periodic maintenance

The wooden doors within a dwelling are a very popular piece of furniture and refined, able to convey a deep sense of “warmth”. The wood, however, being a living material, natural, needs a maintenance periodically. Let’s see how. First, the wooden doors should be subject to a routine cleaning, in the sense that every month should be quickly dusted with a slightly damp cloth. That said, every six months the doors, like any wooden furniture should be cleaned in a much more thorough.

Protect wooden doors with periodic maintenance

Of course, this maintenance must take into account extraordinary, first, the type of wood they are made ​​of the doors in order to equip themselves and buy oil, wax, varnish suitable. For convenience, remove the wooden doors and lay them in so you can work easily. With fine-grained sandpaper passed across the surface in order to eliminate bulges and the old paint ruined. In case you notice the holes, gently filled with plastic wood.Dilute the oil into water and, with a soft cloth, give a pass over the entire surface, front and back. After drying thoroughly, the final phase of maintenance provides a coat of paint. Your wooden doors will look like new.

Although garage doors looks simple, the system is complex, mainly for power. Since the garage door is exposed to harsh weather, can suffer many types of problems.

The wooden doors for interiors are one of the elements that gives character to the house. The care of these windows means to give their longevity and lasting beauty. And, the first treatment to give luster to our wooden doors is the periodic cleaning .

As with the cleaning of the windows in aluminum and those made ​​of PVC , the advice found on the web often give incorrect directions that could affect the finishes and treatments of wood windows and doors. Detergents and aggressive products containing solvents and acids can permanently affect the glazes and protections that give beauty and elegance to our doors. For this it will be good to follow some simple tips that will allow us to work and save money.

Here is the ultimate guide to the care of windows and doors from wood interior offered by Baltera.

Cleanliness wooden doors lacquered or painted: just a damp, non-abrasive and, for the stubborn dirt or fouling, the addition of a mild soap.

Cleanliness of polyester lacquered wooden doors: the doors and windows of this type produced by the most prestigious companies are supplied with a maintenance kit and cleanliness specific.

Cleanliness of natural wood doors : also with regard to the untreated wood finish polishing or dyes, the advice is to use a soft cloth, moistened and neutral detergent or, alternatively, with commercial products for the treatment of furniture wood. Always paying attention, in the latter case, that these products do not contain any particularly aggressive.

In all cases, the cleaning of the doors requires careful drying of the surfaces to prevent the formation of excessive amounts of water in contact with the wood .

Protect wooden doors with periodic maintenance

Garage Repairs
If your garage door does not work anymore, if you have to force your operation, if you have problems opening and closing, talk to the professionals to help you secure the door. The professionals who offer comprehensive services, from minor repairs to complete the removal.

Do not underestimate the importance of your garage door. Along with the functionality and appearance, a garage door that works properly to protect your property from thieves. If you call the professionals to repair your garage door, you will be assured that your door will be repaired without complications.Broken doors can expose your home to burglary and also cause problems when it comes to getting your vehicle in or out of the garage. Professionals provide complete repair services including broken springs, cables fixing roller or even rusty trucks.

Repair companies pay close attention to details, like having all the panels aligned. If a group is rusted or bent, the door does not run smoothly. Experts fix the panels and the springs that are broken. Repair or replacement springs can be very dangerous because they have a lot of tension.

If the whole neighborhood hears when you open the garage door, you should call the professionals to make the mechanism less noisy. With prices to suit your budget, you can have a functional garage door and silent, which poses no risk to you and your family.

Protect wooden doors with periodic maintenance

Replace or repair your garage door?

If your garage door does not work try some common repair tips before replacing the door. Sometimes small repairs can make your door working properly and also save some money. Before buying a new garage door, try the following tips.

Control of metal tracks
The sistem which allows the door to lift and put in the garage used metal tracks. Check to make sure the trucks remain valid and firm.

Check that nuts and bolts are tightened
nuts or bolts can lock your door system and jam that closing or abrir.Asegúrese the screws and nuts are tight or replace broken.
Keep clean the rollers and tracks
and tracks Dirty rollers can prevent the garage door run smoothly. Check to make sure no debris. Otherwise use normal soap to remove dirt and cleaning lodo.Después, the system garage door should be clean and able to function properly. You can also use some lubricant oil for more efficient garage door.
Check that the springs
springs Check the garage door to make sure your voltage is correct. If not, adjust or even replace your door springs work as it should. If the pulley system is in poor condition can be replaced too.
gararge If your door has a spring only placed in the center, repairs can be dangerous. In this case, it is recommended to call a professional to avoid accidents.
Inspect hardware
system controls your door. Look especially for loose components such as hinges. If they are in good shape already, replace them and the door will work best.
Verify that the opening system
If your electric garage door, check the battery information or call the manufacturer to find out how to replace the system.
Before buying a new garage door, check again to all components. Minor repairs can be done instead of calling professionals to replace the entire door.

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