Choosing art for the home

Selecting art for your home can be an exciting adventure and a source of amusement. The key to success is to find out what kind of art you like, how it will fit with the rest of your plans as exhibit design to cause the best effect in your home. There are many possibilities to find works of art in your community, exhibitions, art fairs and galleries. Even small towns usually have a gallery are for profit, or cafes or restaurants that displays the works of local artists. In larger cities, galleries are usually together regularly to celebrate his “night gallery” in which all open their doors on the same night. It is a fantastic way to see a lot of art in no time.

Choosing art for the home

Today, the Internet offers the greatest variety of art available worldwide. An advantage of using the Internet is that you can search for the specific kind of art you are interested in either photography, impressionism, bronze sculpture, or abstract painting. And once you find a place of art, it tends to have links to many others.

Should the art fit the room or the room to art?
If you have a special feeling of a particular work of art, you should buy the work that you love and then find a place to put it, but you might find that when you get home and put on a wall or pedestal, it does not fit that surrounds it. Place a piece of art in the wrong place detracts beauty and impact.

What to do if you bring a painting home and it clashes with the environment? First, try to hang the painting in various places of the house would look great in a place you had not planned to put it. Failure to find a place where the picture looks at its best, you may need to make some changes in the room, such as changing some furniture around or remove the printed paper and paint wall in a neutral color.

Sometimes the right lighting is the key for a work to work its charm. It may be that it is sufficient to place a light for paintings about painting or directing towards it a focus of a rail. However, if you place a work of art in a place where you light the sun, make sure you do not damage the UV light. Some pigments such as watercolor, charcoal and pastels are particularly sensitive, acrylic or place them under a UV protective glass.

How to choose a work to fit the room
The size and color are the two main criteria to select a work of art and this fit the environment in which you want to put. In any space, a work of art too big flood and a work room that is too small will be lost and go unnoticed, giving both an aspect of disproportion. The more daring is the work need more space to shine. As a rule, paintings should be hung so that the center of the painting is level with the eye, the sculptures can be placed on the floor, on a table or on a pedestal, depending on the design.

To choose a picture that matches in color, choose one or two of the colors that stand out in the room and looking tables containing those colors. You do not need to match exactly.

The style is another thing to consider when trying to choose a work of art to fit a room. If the house is filled with antiques, for example, you must use a old style frames for pictures hang. If you have a modern furniture in large rooms with high ceilings, you should choose to hang large contemporary works.

Choosing art for the home

How to create a room that fits well the art
If you notice, all the museums or art galleries usually have white walls and lots of light. If a wall is painted a different color or have a patterned paper limits the options for artwork that will be either hung on it. If the room is dark, the works will not look the most.

If you want that art occupies the center of attention, play with other elements of the room like window coverings, carpeting, wall paper and even furniture. A room full of different colors, textures and objects diverted into spotlight the works of art. Then, relax and enjoy.

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