Clean Aluminum Furniture

Aluminum is a material boost for outdoor use because of its resistance to sun, rain and irrigation water. It is lighter than iron and allows cutting edge finishes, good effect anodized gold and bronze, or lacquered colors. The stains are easily removed by simply passing a cloth with soapy water, rinsing and drying. Do not use abrasive products may damage its structure.

Clean Aluminum Furniture

Paintings moisture
The casework and dirty deteriorate over time and, above all, with the rain, leaving them dark marks. You encalarlos each year to remove these marks, but it is more practical to protect a moisture treatment. It is done with special paints (such as Valentine Valacryl a water based acrylic enamel finish matte , gloss or satin). They are usually washable products that prevent the formation of mold, but need to be renewed every two seasons, especially in humid climates.

Dry foam for canvas
To clean removable canvas seats using dry foam upholstery (two or three times a year). If staining, apply immediately with a cloth moistened with ammonia and water from the edge toward the center. If grease stains, dusted with talcum powder and brush after one hour.

Pillows and mattresses without stains
The best way to remove stains from textile cushions and mats is desenfundarlas and wash at the time, as directed by the label, so the dirt does not penetrate and leaves no trace. If you want to renew textile acrylic fibers committed abroad, such as UV Pro Lamadrid Group, offering lasting colors and good resistance to fats and UV rays.

Cement for chipped
If casework have some chipping, repair it as soon as possible to prevent moisture from rain or cause further damage or chipping that becomes increasingly large. The most practical will cover the damage with a little cement and once it has dried, paint the entire cabinet with a moisture resistant paint. Thus, in addition, you will give more protection.

Resin furniture and awnings
The resin furniture can be cleaned with a sponge or damp cloth and a little soap. Note that if they deteriorate quickly and become stained, it may be impossible to recover, so it is important to clean them often and cover when not in use. In the canopies of acrylic fiber, to remove dust is to pass a vacuum cleaner or pressurized air, but never rub or use abrasives. In wet, use a sponge or soft brush and soapy water, rinse and let dry the roof fully deployed. Some manufacturers have specific products such as cleansing foams that create an antistatic film and have a nice fragrance .

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