Decorate the holiday table

- Number of guests: a table for 6 people to the force will be different than a table for 15.
– Children: it is best to put them in a separate table. Also, often they are very happy to have their own space.
– Budget: a nice table decoration requires time and money! If you want to do it yourself decor, budget will obviously be lower than that if you decide to buy everything. There is, therefore, to find a balance between the decorations you can make yourself and those you buy in the store.
– Colors: are paramount because the tone of the evening and the style to be adopted. There are a multitude of colors and associations prepare successfully for your party table. For year-end holidays, the eternal association of red and green are going well. If you choose these colors surely not fail.

Decorate the holiday table

Three rules you must follow to take care of the decoration of the table
– A slogan harmony. For Christmas, for example, choose two colors you want to emphasize: white and red, gold and silver, red and gold, green and red, white and silver, white and gold … Something you can not forget: decorating the Christmas tree and table.
– Opt for light colors, especially for the tablecloths. For the table, put a white tablecloth tablecloth enhanced with other different color or even transparent. If your second cloth is transparent, you can add small star shaped sequins, angels … so as to give a more festive.
– Adopt a simple but chic style. As for the dishes, the dishes are white or beige is not a classic timeless and, above all, very practical because they stuck with it. To give a small air holidays not hesitate to choose low-plates of colors, but always according to the tones you’ve chosen.

The mistakes you should avoid
Traps in which you must avoid falling …
– Do not recharge decorative table: Christmas balls, wreaths, favors the photophores or positions at the table are good but beware falling into excess! Your decor has to be especially festive. A table with carefully chosen accessories will always be nicer to look at than a table reloaded.
– Do not mix the styles: if you want to keep some consistency between all the decorative elements, it is better not to mix the styles.
– Do not choose too many colors: the color kill too many colors! If you choose a Baroque atmosphere, gives priority to the black, white or red.

Tips for a chic shocking!
– Remember the table decoration with time. Do not wait until the last day to buy at the store you need. The longer you wait more you run the risk of not finding what you want!
– Start preparing the table Eve party: iron the tablecloth, set the table, fold the napkins … Because the same day does not have time to do it.
– For Christmas, you can extend artificial snow on the table, giving a magical touch.
– To achieve a warm and relaxed not forget to candles and small photophores at the same time at the table and on the windowsills or on the shelf in your living room (care with them available to the kids!).
– For a decorative spirit trends, opt for the centerpiece, one of the essential elements for a party decoration. Your centerpiece can consist of candles, candle holders, flowers, pine cones or even fruits. Stop talking to your imagination!

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