Cleaning Tips for your kitchen drawers

The cleaning of the kitchen is something that should be done very regularly, as it is the home area most dirty, both the accumulation and movement of people as in the work of food preparation. So normally footprints, food stains, or fat accumulation can occur in most corner, even in the drawers . To clean these give you a few tips today.Most of drawers, whether the material they are, can be cleaned with the product you use regularly to clean and warm water . Yes, we recommend rinsing after with another clean well before drying . If you could dedicate to cleaning the drawers for a while and there is much dust or grease, it is best to use products with orange oil .

Cleaning Tips for your kitchen drawers

To follow an order and not miss anything, emptied every drawer and starts cleaning by above. It aims first to remove dirt and then washed latest inside with hot water and your cleaning product. To dry, use a damp cloth.

A spotless kitchen makes your home a clean and fresh. Unfortunately, the opposite is also true. A kitchen that smells of grease penetrates all rooms. Many kitchens in modern homes are visible from the living areas, so a messy kitchen makes the living room look like a mess. The cleaning of the kitchen is a task a bit more difficult but, once achieved, will be easier to keep clean.
Scrubbed and cleaned with steam in successive passes or stoneware tiles and boards of all walls from floor to ceiling or where they shall come. Do not use products that “conceal or disguise” dirt boards such as bleaches, but the knees repeatedly brush to remove dirt and make reappear its natural color.

Cleaning Tips for your kitchen drawers

As for the cabinets, drawers and kitchen cabinets: the emptied and cleaned inside, outside, above and below. Scrub and we replace the dishes and objects that were inside.
Trims are also withdrawing under the kitchen cabinets, and clean the area thoroughly. These are areas that are not cleaned regularly, and they usually contain a lot of dirt.
We wash all appliances (fridge, oven, microwave, washing machine, etc.), both outside and inside, paying special attention to the gaskets and handles their doors because of its use are often sticky.
Not only do we clean appliances, but we take them out of their location (provided they are not anchored to the floor or wall) to thoroughly clean under and behind them, in those areas that had never been cleaned since they were installed. Be amazed at the dirt that is accumulated there. In the case of the machine, also clean your filter, which is usually very dirty because the resident of the house often forget cleaning.

Cleaning Tips for your kitchen drawers

The gas burners, electrical, and kitchen ware vitro, the hood: draw your inner filter and clean it with bleach and antibacterial products because it is a place to easily reproduce fungi and bacteria, and are multiplied by the combination of high heat when cooking, and smoke containing part of the food being cooked.

Prepare the necessary items in advance, to avoid wasting time looking for them when needed. You do not need a lot items and cleaning products. Place a sponge, toothbrush new, large brush, glass cleaner, grease cleaner and paper towels. If you do not have a self-cleaning oven, add ammonia to small cleaning oven cleaners for thorough cleaning. You can also make your own oven cleaner using baking soda .

Start cleaning at the top of all appliances, gavinetes, and clean from top to bottom. Dirty water can splash cabinets on counters, if clean before washing counters above the cabinets, ensuciándolos again. Clean ceiling fans before cleaning the floors for the same reason. Clean the walls from top to bottom, wipe the stain with a sponge.

Cleaning Tips for your kitchen drawers

Allow time for the cleaners work. Even works to soften water stains when given time. Spray cleaner on the gavinetes. Put the stove burners in a bowl with hot water and soap. Clean refrigerator shelves and then return to the gavinetes. Cover the stain with a paper towel soaked in cleaner. Allow cleaner to work for 20 minutes and wipe the stain away.
Separate large jobs into smaller jobs to a sense of achievement and motivation. The reorganization of all kitchen drawers and cupboards are overwhelming and it could take a whole day. However, a mixed cleaning takes minutes. Clean the outside of the cabinet with wood soap.

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