Choosing faucet for your kitchen

Following the theme of recent days, today we give you some tips on choosing the right taps for your kitchen . Decantarte When one or the other must assess which aspect you want first: A design practical or something decorative to match other elements? One of the most important rooms of the entire house is the kitchen. The use constantly, so that the choice of both furniture and the appliances and the faucet is very important. However, the offer of the faucets, precisely, is varied. What is the most suitable for our kitchen? faucet How do we know what we buy? We give some clues as to what faucet choose   .

Choosing faucet for your kitchen

To choose the faucet in the kitchen is essential to look at its size. If the sink is small, for example , we should buy a faucet high spout to prevent spattering us. Otherwise, if the sink is large, a tiny faucet is not going to do any good, since we lose a large space, on which the water will not come. But choosing the tap not only depends on the size, another important aspect is the falling water , in this sense, it is best to choose a high spout faucet, allowing easy filling of containers. The last important aspect is the variety of models.

According to current trends in decorating touches are preferred vintage : A copper sink exclusive design can be ideal if you are looking for elegance in the kitchen. However, if you are looking for a large sink to fill it pooder have room buckets or hand scouring a greater amount of covered, in which case you should consider an extension handle faucets .
Regardless of the choice, the appliances should go to match and combine the hue of copper or stainless steel of extractable water appliances such as the dishwasher or washing machine.

Choosing faucet for your kitchen


All are equally valid, but is based on how each we provide different functionalities. Among the most common, stand 3 models: – Monomandos: the most common are single lever, for the value they have. Installation is very simple and with a simple movement of the knob enough to choose the temperature and flow. – Swing: is the second most used, especially in kitchens where the tap can collide with an obstacle (such as a lighted Window). Its use is based on a simple folding system. – Single lever faucet with Removable are increasingly fashionable, but is it really useful that the tap is removed? Sometimes it is much more convenient, as it allows access to any area of the sink and fill water buckets without lifting.

An indispensable element in the kitchen are the sink faucets, so when choosing is important to consider its functionality and aesthetic appearance. The right choice will make work easier in the kitchen and contribute greatly to the style of it. always advisable to consider making an appropriate choice in the quality of the keys to the sink no matter your kitchen needs. A decide when you should consider the warranty offered by manufacturers, even though they are more expensive, you should consider the durability and quality of service. Nowadays there are a wide range of companies dedicated to the manufacture of taps for the kitchen and have designed products with advanced engineering based on the needs, installation, durability and comfort. seeks to choose models that have a flow controller that the inside of the keys is critical and it is also preferable that with ceramic cartridge. These can be of two types: I) The organic: OPENING cold water always preventing inadvertent use of hot water and therefore save gas consumption, and II) The progressive: They are used for mixing-without lever or cam.

Choosing faucet for your kitchen

They open into cold water and a continued rotation passing progressively increasing flow gradually mixed water then hot water and finally. Among the different types of keys to the kitchen sink:

They are the most common models for simplicity and convenience of your system, in addition to its excellent quality / price.
With a simple movement can adjust the temperature and flow of water through a lever system that lifts to open the water. Temperature is selected by moving the lever to the left or right, if we let warm water in the center.

The key blades are very practical for the kitchen, as the “pipe” can be extracted from faucet body, allowing easier access to both objects and zones sink it. They are very useful for filling containers, whose weight or size is difficult to bring them to the sink.

Folding taps, which for a folding system can move in a manner that is very practical in certain locations where some movements hindering, for example, when installed near a window and does not allow its opening should be fixed.

Choosing faucet for your kitchen

T in in mind is the size of your sink and faucet for higher can combine with large sinks, spatter otherwise be continuous. A small tap is useful in a small sink. If the sink is twofold, it is important that the tap rotates 180 degrees and can be used interchangeably in either surface. available space V alora decide the space available for placement of the tap. In kitchens with limited space, it is advisable to choose taps and wall murals. By going in-wall leave us more free space on the cover. You must also assess the elements close to the faucet. If, for example, the placement hinders the opening of the window, you can choose a folding model, which take down when not in use. use T oma into account the type of use you have in your kitchen. If you use it a lot, cooking or washing dishes continuously, would be advisable to get a high spout faucet, which greatly facilitates the filling of containers, or even a tap with removable handle, which are very practical because the “pipe” can be extracted from body, allowing easier access to both objects and zones sink it. It is also easier to fill containers.

Choosing faucet for your kitchen

A today there are plenty of models, finishes and styles of keys to sink, so many it’s probably a bit difficult to choose. Most importantly, do not be put off by the image of tap individually, may be the latest in technology and design and aesthetics clash with your kitchen or your needs. Try to imagine always in your kitchen, if a model rustic inspired monobloks find many faucets in the kitchens of old, if it’s a classic kitchen, you can always lean on sober shapes, lines, and finishes such as bronze or chrome. For the latest there is a whole new generation of faucets that incorporate all finishes.

Choosing faucet for your kitchen

general recommendations : when choosing ten priority quality and guarantee offered by the cock. Remember that you need to check if the water pressure in your home is tailored to the needs of the tap or vice versa. Most faucets require a minimum flow pressure.

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