Colors Do Not Give Into House Wall

Everyone has a favorite color. Why? Some say we remember good times, or that relate to certain things, people or feelings. The truth is that since very early age, infants show a preference for one or the other colors, without involving any conditions whatsoever. Before this program seems Networks 2 go to the next question. Does it serve our favorite color to decorate the house?

Colors Do Not Give Into House Wall

The answer is clearly, no. At least that is clear from a survey conducted in apartmenttherapy in which readers were asked what they would paint the wall color is not their home. Let’s see the results: your favorite color does not fit the wall?

Surprising to see in first position to pink. It is a fact that women have a predilection for pink and yet the results found real hatred towards the walls of this color. There are many cases of people who have chosen a color for the wall for the simple fact that the color seemed nice and then discover that it is horrible.

Other generalized ideas that we see in the survey are: the yellow gives headache, red is tacky, the overly dramatic black, green is dirty … Anyway, one I could not choose a color that does not have any hits. Can not go wrong? In the magazine photos everything looks cool but when the truth must tread very careful with the color theme. It never hurts to seek advice from a decorator interior.


The main element that gives color to a home is the one chosen for the walls. It is essential for decoration and so you can give that touch of calm or bold you want. But also a wall color can completely change a space , making it bigger, smaller, or using it to split into two one room. What feelings colors convey?

 The meaning of the colors:

White : It is associated with light, goodness, innocence and purity.

Yellow : Symbolizes sunlight. It represents joy, happiness, intellect and energy. Yellow suggests the effect of warming, causes joy, stimulates mental activity, and generates muscle energy.

Orange : It combines the energy of red with the happiness of yellow. Represents enthusiasm, happiness, attractiveness, creativity, determination, success, encouragement and stimulation.

Red : This is the color of fire and blood, so it is associated with danger, war, power, strength, determination as well as passion, desire and love. Color is very intense emotionally. Improving human metabolism, increases respiration rate and raises blood pressure.

Blue : The color of sky and sea, so it is often associated with depth and stability. Represents loyalty, trust, wisdom, intelligence, faith, truth and eternal heaven.

Violet : is a spiritual color, and reflective that provides a mystical and relaxing.

Green : It’s the color of nature par excellence. It represents harmony, growth, exuberance, fertility and freshness.

Black : Represents the power, elegance, formality, death and mystery. The black also represents authority, strength and is associated with prestige and seriousness.

Tricks to use the colors in a house:

– Choose a color for each room , if you mix two the result may end up being recharged.

– The light colors are brighter and give breadth to the rooms. You can always use strong colors in the details as cushions or upholstery.

– The roof also has an important role, if you keep it in white give a greater feeling of being high.

– If a point of the apartment is very bright , it will be a good place to choose a strong and eye-catching color.

– The pastel colors are relaxing, taking a good outcome for babies rooms.

– Not all whites are equal and depending on the color to accompany you can appreciate better the tone will make the difference.

We leave also a video with tips on how to decorate a house using colors . We hope you enjoy it and, above all, to help you to move your character to your home.

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