How to clean the refrigerator

Today I opened the refrigerator, and I immediately realized I needed urgent cleaning. Let me tell you anything I do not like to clean the refrigerator, but it is a task that we must do for the health of all.The fridge or refrigerator is where we keep our most perishable foods, as a consequence messes with drinks and food debris, resulting very tedious cleaning. But do not worry there is hope! Follow these steps and you prove a task much easier:

How to clean the refrigerator

Search all cleaning implements before: Trash bags, Cava (for food storage while cleaning) dishwashing soap, sponge and paper towels. I recommend you clean the refrigerator when not too full, usually the day before the purchase market.
Food Boot up: Before you go clean, it is important that you check all food containers and bottles that are in good condition or that are not past their expiration date.
Interior Cleaning: Before beginning, disconnect the refrigerator. Remove the shelves, containers and wash them with dishwashing soap and try not to use abrasive sponges, better opt for a common cellulose sponge. If you have an automatic dishwasher and containers or shelves fit, please save time by washing there. Cleans very well inside the fridge, do not forget to pay attention to the rubber seals and shelf supports.

If they are too sticky, use a toothbrush to gently scrub around them. Dry well with paper towels around.Exterior Cleaning: Pay special attention to doors and grab handles, removing fingerprints and smudges they have. Clean the dust on top of the refrigerator.
Connect your fridge again: Lock the doors and let it cool. Once cool, put back the way you prefer items on each shelf .How to clean your refrigerator? Share your knowledge with us and leave a comment… And ready your fridge is super clean!

When to clean?

How to clean the refrigerator

Do not wait start rotting food to take action, as there are some that are in direct contact with the wall of the appliance and bacteria (salmonella and listeria) proliferate very quickly.
The recommended minimum is once a month , but there is nothing to prevent repeat the operation every 15 days .

How clean it thoroughly?
begins by removing all foods and select them: Even you can eat? Have they expired? Meanwhile, defrost the fridge. This saves energy and lengthen the life of the appliance. Think a 4mm layer of ice makes the refrigerators consume twice the energy .
For general interior cleaning, diluted white vinegar in equal parts warm water and then dry it thoroughly with a clean cloth.
You can also use Javel water in very small amounts for very dirty disinfect refrigerators.
Never use a scraper or knife because rayarás forever lining. Opta best by a soft sponge or toothbrush to treat corners and other tight corners.

Important: Performs cleaning from top to bottom, to avoid contaminating the trays. As for the exterior, carefully read the instructions that the coating may require special care.
In any case, you can always use hot soapy water bit aggressive. Always dry with a soft cloth and ready!
For stainless steel surfaces, use household rubbing alcohol to make them shine.

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