How have greenest lawn

Would you like to have a lawn as green as a golf course? Well, no need to spend a fortune on landscaping. Here at Total Home we give you some tips to help you produce have the greenest lawn .

How have greenest lawn

Use of fertilizers
One very effective way of having the greenest lawn fertilizer is used. There are a variety that you can find insurance at any garden store. However there is one that I think should be pointed out above the rest: the urea.
The urea is a fertilizer that is being increasingly used alone or in combination with other fertilizers, given its high nitrogen content. However, to be truly beneficial, should be applied correctly, considering the climate in which it is used.
You can use urea as a fertilizer used to have a greener lawn ideally in autumn. You try not to do it during the summer, or if the weather is very dry. Also have to take care not to put too much urea, and you could burn your lawn . Therefore, please refer to the store the necessary quantities should spread on the ground.

When mulching grass
While there are several types of grass seeds that need different care and support more continuous fertilization, ideally mulching grass in the cooler seasons and moderate. It is therefore advisable, especially, fertilize the lawn about half the fall for extra strength and resistance to grass.
You can also re-mulching grass in spring, giving you time to grass roots are strengthened before the hot season. Usually, in winter, the grass tends to go into a state of lethargy, so no need to use fertilizer.

How to mow
It is advisable not to cut your lawn. The secret to a green lawn is the soil moisture must be maintained. This issue is very relevant in summer, as the higher incidence of the sun dehumidifies the ground and causes the turf stays yellow.
It is advisable to have a healthy lawn is to mow the lawn, leave between 5 and 8 inches, especially in summer. In this way, you ensure that the substrate is kept away from sunlight and desiccation.

How have greenest lawn

Watering the lawn
As with all vegetables, plants and flowers, you should water the lawn . Apparently, it is best to water the lawn evenly , for a couple of hours once a week to do it every day for a few minutes. Ideally, give the right humidity.
Contrary to what we usually think, not to do more frequent watering in summer. Just do not let the grass get too brown. Maybe not have the green lawn you want during the summer, but the important thing is that the root stays healthy and prevent damage which may cause the over-watering .

How have greenest lawn

Weeds and weeds
The weeds usually appear with the heat, and its growth is encouraged by frequent watering. As mentioned before, you should take care of the watering frequency from appearing. That’s another reason not to plant new grass in summer.
Remove weeds can be difficult, because although there are many herbicides to kill the weeds, it is possible to damage the grass. Ideally, choose a product following the manufacturer’s application instructions, and making sure you can apply it in the type of grass you have at home.

How have greenest lawn

If the weeds are small, you can always remove lawn weeds by hand from the root, in a safe manner without damaging the grass.
Well, I hope these gardening tips will be useful to have a greener lawn. It is enough that you take into account the external plant care to make your garden perfect.

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