What color to paint basement

Choosing a paint color for basement may seem simple or minor, but there are some things you should keep in mind to make a good choice. Arguably, there are two important aspects to consider: the role of the basement and decision making with an aesthetic sense. So in Total Home you some tips to know what color to paint the basement .

What color to paint basement

Paint the basement of colors
While you can choose either between your favorites and get the perfect combination of colors , makes little sense to take such decisions if the basement is designed to store dishes and tools.

What came first, the chicken or the egg? Perhaps the fact spend some time decorating the basement and choosing a color palette attractive motivates you to use this part of the house any purpose other than that of a simple repository.
On the other hand, if the basement is a living part of the house and destine as recreational area, either as a game room , movie theater, etc., will surely have much more sense to go for stimulating colors and interior d├ęcor very warm. In addition, there will always decide to use the basement as a bedroom . Sure, the colors for bedrooms support more variants.

What color to paint basement

Betting on the vibrant colors is a challenge. But it is worth remembering that certain colors and shades stimulate greater use of electricity to illuminate dark spaces . A helpful tip when choosing colors for the basement is to combine white with other colors . You can paint a couple of walls in white or very light tones and colors combined with stronger walls: Balance is the key word.

Colors for a basement safe and efficient
Citing the safety and efficiency of the basement, I mean basically the conditions of illumination basement . Both as a work space or just destine to save objects, the basement will require good lighting. As always good to save energy, I would recommend that you choose a paint color as clear as possible, if not white.

What color to paint basement

There are acrylic paints that give a glossy finish to basement walls, causing further reflection of the natural light that can enter through basement windows and artificial lighting in the basement. As I said before, while the white color seems to be the most appropriate, this does not mean you can not combine it with other colors or move to a more varied palette without sacrificing brightness and luminosity.

Painting moisture to the basement
One of the most common problems in basements is the presence of moisture . The reasons are several. Sometimes due to seepage of water absorbed by the foundation walls. In these cases, the solution is generally not easy, but can be overcome with some special chemical sealants.

What color to paint basement

Moisture in the basement can also occur by condensation and poor ventilation. While it is possible to solve the problem of humidity with a dehumidifier, you can also paint the basement walls with a special paint moisture and antifungal. This painting comes in several colors, so choose which color to paint the basement should not be a problem. However, if you do not like the ending of the paintings, you can use the paint as a base moisture and paint over with other colors.

What color to paint basement

Determine what are the best colors for basements is only part of the challenge of decorating the basement . Adding mirrors to enlarge the space and generate more brightness provide a solution to this space lighting and decoration. Got any ideas to share?

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