How to care for silk garments

Silk is probably one of the most exquisite fabrics we have in our home, but also the most delicate, so you know very well what are the best ways to care for silk garments is very important in preserving any element produced based on this fabric.

How to care for silk garments

How to wash silk
Whether it’s an article of clothing, a curtain or bed linen , silk should always be washed by hand, though manufactures instructions allow the use of washing machines, washing it with hand treatment will give much more gentle and careful to this fragile tissue to be used for warm water, baby shampoo and detergent as a flavoring, and a bar of soap.

After washing silk garments normally, you can prepare your rinse water enriched with a little distilled white vinegar , not only to eliminate all traces of dirt, but also remove soap scum, preventing rust or deteriorate silk during the drying process. Also, you can add a little hair conditioner to accentuate the characteristic feeling of softness and lightness of the silk and to aromatizarla.

How to care for silk garments

Dry the silk
When you go to dry garments of silk, the first thing to avoid is twist it to remove as much water. Instead, you can press it gently to small areas to drain, and hang in the shade to dry naturally.

Note that for drying is not recommended the use of any instrument or expose silk to direct sunlight, because if so the fabric fibers may be damaged and cracks present in the future, in addition to losing the color.

Iron Silk and wrinkles removed
Like any fabric, silk can also wrinkled, but being a moldable plastic material as the wrinkles are very easy to remove.

First, may try to maintain the garment hanging overnight neatly or hanging within a liner for clothing while you take a shower, because in this way the moisture steam bath and allow the silk fibers soften and smooth surface is restored.

How to care for silk garments

If you make this advice, and are still having wrinkles on silk, you can try ironing with an iron barely warm, and always on the wrong side of the garment. Also remember to try the silk should never use bleach or any detergent or products containing alcohol, since any of these can cause irreversible damage to the tissue.

Follow these simple tips to care for silk garments and watch remain soft, flexible and bright for many years.

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