How to clean light switches

Today I will show you how to clean light switches . The light switches are usually handled many times each day, which means that, every time they are used, it accumulates more and more dirt on them. The light switches can be somewhat difficult to clean, but if you follow these cleaning tips , you’ll like the new in minutes.

How to clean light switches

Tips to clean light switches
Use a damp cloth first
You freed? stickers on light switches and do not know how to remove the stains? To clean light switches, I suggest starting with a damp cloth. Dip it in warm soapy water, then drain it and pass it through the switch board to remove surface dirt in it. Remember to pass along the edges of the switch also. When you finish moving the cloth by the board of the light switch, rinse in warm water, enrrollalo to remove excess water and run it again for the switch plate to rinse the soap.

How to clean light switches

Deep cleans with a swab
Then, we turn to the details of cleaning, such as the area of the screws or the same switch. Take a tip swab of cotton and dip it in warm soapy water, pass by the places where you had not made it with the cloth to thoroughly clean the switch. Remember not to use the swab with too much water, try to remove the excess as you can so that you avoid any unwanted water filtration.

Finish cleaning with alcohol
When finished with the above steps, take the rag again you had used to start and pass through the switch again and the board of this. Then dry the switch with a paper towel. He then takes a new swab and dip it in alcohol, Pass by the deeper areas of the board and the switch to finish cleaning and kill germs that might be there. No need to dry the alcohol, it evaporates quickly.

How to clean light switches

I hope these tips for cleaning light switches you have served and can implement them. Includes this procedure on your cleaning schedule . Yes, I recommend that when you clear a light switch, cleanse together.

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