How to decorate wooden frames

Decorate the wooden frames is extremely simple. Furthermore, using different materials and following different procedures is possible to obtain various types of decoration. A first simple way to decorate wooden frames is to paint them in a color of your choice. To do this, you will need just a brush and enamel. If required, go more coats of paint in order to obtain a uniform effect well. The wooden frames can be decorated with other items such as shells, pieces of cloth, the shapes of cardboard, pebbles or pieces of tile.

How to decorate wooden frames

To fix the decorative elements to wood used hot glue. These elements can also be combined together to obtain the effects really special and original. In any case, remember not to overdo it! Simplicity is always the best solution. To get more elaborate decorations you can also use the decoupage , an ancient decorative technique that is based on the use of images or pictures cut, paste and vitrify by using various types of varnishes.
Alternatively, to decorate wooden frames can also use the small stencils , masks depicting a plot, an object or a decoration. Another method for decorating wooden frames is to overlay them with strips of twine. Finally, also written by hand or by the use of stencil represent a valid alternative to decorate these objects.

A bathroom mirror frame which has deteriorated so wet cleaning? A old mirror and do not like, but neither want to discard away? Do not suffer more if you are a victim of “second chance syndrome” that makes you rethink a new utility for throwing objects before … Here are several techniques to apply to your frame. Yes, seeks to protect the glass and cardboard frame and mirror together with masking tape, if you do not want to see reflected in the edges then the ‘ugly side’ of your work.

Paint and stickers on wood
It is perhaps the simplest technique, ideal for wood or plywood frames simple. Lightly sand the surface, print and re-sanding a little to get a good grip of the paint. Ideally the mirror lacquer foam roller and satin enamel. For less accessible areas, use a brush. Then glue a few simple decorative vinyls or stickers (eg, a flower) in contrast. Or stenciling a design using a stencil template and other color lacquer combine. I suggest white finishes decorated in turquoise, pistachio or black.

Easy Mosaic
Ideally, this technique is that it is a wooden frame or without molding plywood. Before starting with the creativity, you have to sand it lightly, remove dust, and prime with sealant. Go back to sand lightly and you have the perfect surface for starting work. You can choose the same size square pieces (tiles) for a structured model. In this case, you will not need many pieces if the frame is fine (if you can, try getting a sample of tile in some old collection). Fixed according to the pieces, pressing the adhesive incorporated or a suitable product.

The other possibility is to let your imagination to make a model based on pieces and beads of different colors and materials.To finish, just need to put the pieces with cement rejunteo (eye color, because there are many possibilities). Mix the powder with water in the proportion indicated by the manufacturer, allowed to dry and wet sponged the surface as many times as necessary until no “veil” of cement.

Attention! Check the weight of the frame as there may be increased considerably and new bindings and also need to strengthen the corners of the frame …

Decoupage with gift wrap
The decoupage technique can be applied to all kinds of objects, whether glass, cardboard, wood, plywood, etc.. Paste consists of wrapping paper, printed napkins, cards, etc.. a special queue for the task (called medium and is both adhesive applied to the surface and clear lacquer finish. If you have not done before, I recommend trying with wrapping paper. Against a background of straight lines, should not entertain in doing many silhouettes. better go combining pieces of the same size and smooth patterns forming a pattern.

Forging renewed Framework
If for example you have an old black wrought iron frame and you’re tired of it, try to give some sealant and paint with a brush in white or cream tone. Then with a spray gold paint on different touches give some details. I will be a mirror of romantic / vintage.

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