How to Make a Hippie-Style Decoration ?

In the 60s hippie culture had its heyday, creating ideals and thoughts that can be identified in particular decorative style.

How to Make a Hippie-Style Decoration ?

The 1960s and 1970s left us stories of struggle, unity, and connection with nature, coupled with a trend called “equestrian”. Decades later, the hippie trend prevailed again in fashion, customs, and also in the interior decoration. If you also want neohippie style look in your home, pay attention to the following ideas.

The hippie aesthetic relates vibrant colors, flowers, and circular shapes. Composite pallets convergence sometimes dissonant combined with simple shapes innocent. Flowers should not miss, in prints or objects of all kinds and use, and freedom must prevail, along with comfort, in a very personal style.

Start with the color palette. The aesthetics of your home should stay away from neutral colors if you are looking for decorative trend hippie look. Reds, oranges, blues, purples, yellows and greens will star in vibrant and luminous tones. Make use of walls, carpets, upholstery, curtains and also in the objects. For a hippie inspiration in a more classic style, choose decorative elements ( cushions , Carpets, objects) that look these color palettes.

Neohippismo materials have to pay tribute to the natives, as they reflect the connection with nature. Use wood, painted in bright colors rather than plastic or metal. Use furniture or upholstery fabric laminates and natural, always small details to remember this trend, embroideries, prints and paintings.

Fabrics hippie decor must always be natural, preferably vaporous. The cheesecloth, gauze and organza can give the hippie touch to the more classic, and you can take advantage of dividers, curtains and many elements. You can also incorporate cotton fabrics dyed with batik technique, very representative of the community of the flower children.

In addition to the circular and simple flowers, with five petals, remember to incorporate the characteristic symbols of socio-cultural trend. The peace symbol (a circle with a simplification of the leg of a pigeon inside) will not fail. Take advantage of it in pictures, on the set of crockery or even decorative elements. Create mobile to play with the wind and make subtle sounds, symbols of peace cut sliced ​​wood or various elements.

Finally, the best advice is to listen to your instincts. Hippie culture was guided by love, peace and nature. Keep these three precepts to achieve more personal and appropriate decoration for your life.

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