How to Replace Broken Parts or Loose Parquet ?

The parquet floor is pointing to any environment, but it also requires work to maintain. Let’s see how to change the parts that are broken or loose.

Changes in the parquet pieces
The parquet floor is perfect for warmth and elegance to any environment. But with the use, some parts can break, damaged or loose.

In that case, before further damage or affect the rest, we must replace it as soon as possible.

Steps to change a broken piece on the parquet
To replace a defective part first thing to do is remove by prying wedge with a hammer or tool for this task.

If you do not get to replace just one piece, you can remove another piece somewhere inconspicuous place in that place which is defective.

If there is any part that is healthy but loose, remove it from its place and clean the floor removing all traces of adhesive. When the floor is clean and dry, put glue again and places the tile and press a little.

To ensure good adhesion, you can place a weight on top until dry.

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