Importance of good sound insulation

The importance of the acoustic isolation not only considered for recording studios, auditoriums and other facilities. We’ve all heard of noise pollution and its effects on our health. Harmful sound levels are usually identified with airports, industrial zones, traffic or music shows. Even workplaces.

Importance of good sound insulation

However, the levels of noise pollution affect our health, even in the comfort of our homes. The street noise, annoying neighbors, our children’s music and other internal and external factors can be decisive for us to choose a good sound insulation for the house.

Sound Isolation for annoying neighbors
If you live in an apartment, or if you live in the house adjoining a neighbor who likes to watch TV at full volume, you can ask them to change their behavior or improve acoustic insulation very simply. You can even take these tips to avoid complaints from your neighbors.

The carpets are often a very simple way of reducing the noise, since its material increases the degree of sound absorption. The same happens with wood interiors , which typically have a good natural acoustic insulation.

While you can install a wood floor in your home or cover the walls, there are other simpler forms. For example, libraries of wood are placed on a narrow wall sound transfer, since the mass of the timber itself books and absorb sound waves.

Importance of good sound insulation

Acoustic panels
A more professional and efficient soundproofing or sound isolation is through acoustic panels. Although they are designed for professional use in your house you can use decorative acoustic panels , achieving a proven sound insulation efficiency, while you give a touch of color and innovative design to your home. The decorative panels are always welcome.

Acoustic insulation glass facades
The facades of modern houses , which typically dominates the glass, we are striking in several respects. Beyond the questions we arise regarding their thermal insulation , the noise problem seems to jump out at first glance. In these cases, noise problems are usually solved with special glasses.

So if you have too many windows in your house and the noise is a problem, you can use double soundproof glass , with an air chamber between the two, or laminated glass. There are two ways to preserve transparency and luminosity in the home without you feel most affected by street noise.

Importance of good sound insulation

Ceiling insulation
Almost no one takes into account the roof of the house to consider the acoustic treatment. But what happens if you live near an airport? The use of wood in the ceiling can be a way to reduce airborne noise.

In addition, green roofs or ceilings vegetables are organically sound insulation . A green roof is virtually as dry insulation capacity than a standard concrete wall. If to this we sumamamos the presence of moisture in the green roof, the sounds will be reduced more.

I hope some of these tips will be useful for better sound insulation of the house. Considering the influence it can have on your rest, isolate external noise can be crucial for your health.

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