Multipurpose Gloves for DIY and garden

Different garden work or DIY tasks, spoil the appearance of the hands and can lead to wounds by rubbing tools, or by contact with branches, shrubs, etc.. Wear gloves prevent blisters, abrasions, and cuts. To this end companies like Gardena innovate constantly developing new gloves ranges that fulfill this objective.

Multipurpose Gloves for DIY and garden

This is the case of multi-purpose gloves for any type of work both in the home and garden. Made with materials free of harmful substances, have a modern and attractive design and comfortable use. Suitable for general use in the garden, to plant and work the land, for contact with the water, shrub care, and to work with tools.

Suitable both for transplanting into pots, repot or plant, are made of cotton fabric with breathable and durable non-slip palm and reinforced coating to ensure a good grip. With special design on thumb and fingertips to fit perfectly in your hand.

To plant and work the land

Multipurpose Gloves for DIY and garden

This version is suitable for any garden work we need a good grip and good protection against moisture, such as planting, weeding or raking. They feature a durable, non-slip lining to protect hands against dirt and moisture. They are of excellent touch on fingertips and comfort thanks to breathable stretch fabric.

Gloves for water

Multipurpose Gloves for DIY and garden

Gloves in this case are shown for cleaning or ponds as well as for the contact with water, as cleaning pump containers or composting. Without wetting the hands through the latex coating, comfortable and waterproof.With cotton lining for maximum comfort.

And for tools
Multipurpose Gloves for DIY and garden

Finally, for any job with garden tools mechanical or power driven, as axes, lopper and hedge trimmer shears, these gloves feature shock-absorbing pads that are breathable and back at work. Optimal clamping device by strengthening the part of the fingertips for maximum grip. Wiper integrated with sweat. The special design of the thumb and fingertips fits perfectly in your hand.
For shrub care

Multipurpose Gloves for DIY and garden

In the case of working with bushes and thorny plants, Gardena has a range of protective gloves made of materials and high quality, with reinforced part of the fingertips and long cuff for perfect protection during work. With that leave breathing zones back of the hand for maximum comfort. Touch while cutting through the perfect shape and the optimal design of the thumb and fingertips.

Multipurpose Gloves for DIY and garden

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