Natural grass in spring

The natural grass provides comfort and freshness in the garden. During the spring months, to enjoy summer quietly and requires maintenance, which will be more or less stringent depending on the grass variety planted. Tirogaverd has produced a guide to the work and tips to follow at this time of year.One of the most important tasks is the provision of fertilizer. Compost is a product that helps the lawn vegetative growth and gives strength. Thus, recovery is also achieved color, because many times, with low temperatures, the grass has been left with dry ends.

Natural grass in spring

It is very important that the product formulation containing as main element nitrogen (N) and that these are slow release. The slow release means they have a duration of 3-4 months and grass growth is much more uniform and consistent.

Maintaining the health of the garden
Detecting and identifying insects and fungi on the lawn is a key to avoid severe problems. In this way you can act quickly, applying the right product at the right dose.Products are called to apply pesticides (fungicides and insecticides) and their source can be very diverse organic extracts derived from plants or the like and are completely biological, while chemicals are higher effectiveness and fast but its origin is synthetic .

Natural grass in spring

To enhance the effect of these products, we recommend trapping baits in the garden. The traps are responsible for attracting insects and hunt. This system is very comfortable and has a long lasting effect.

Presence of weeds
In the gardens are always weeds. Weeds are identified by the shape of its leaf, if more elongated or rounded. As in the previous case is very important to detect the type of weed and so can act with the right product and at the optimum time. Before any treatment of this type is very important to contact professionals in gardening.

Natural grass in spring

Water requirements for each field depend on the variety we have installed. Generally, it is essential to maintain moisture in the grass, especially the times of day when temperatures are higher. Risks are not recommended during the night or early morning in warmer times, to avoid the presence of fungi.Before starting the irrigation should review all the sprinklers watered properly getting a good water distribution.

Low Maintenance Lawns

Natural grass in spring

Today, as usual, are being installed low maintenance lawns warm weather. It is highly resistant varieties with a minimum water requirements. Thus, the foregoing maintenance is reduced about 60%.Varieties are very resistant to drought, fungal diseases, very fast regeneration.In Tirogaverd , MontgrĂ­ variety is grown (100% Cynodon dactylon Riviera), very rustic, low maintenance, fine texture and very well adapted to the Mediterranean climate.

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