Water purifiers for household use

The domestic water purifiers are constituted by a series of filter systems that remove some of that harmful chemicals that may be present in tap water. Read the guide to know the characteristics, types, and how to choose the best household cleaners on the basis of quality, price, offers and accurate information to the consumer.

Water purifiers for household use

The filter pitchers are among the most common household water purifiers. Their function is to make the classic drinking tap water. The purification process takes place through specific filters consist of a side of activated charcoal , capable of removing impurities and chlorine, and the other of ion exchange resin , which determines the hardness of the water.

Although purifiers cheaper, with a cost that is around 25-55 euro, the filter jugs require special maintenance. First of all, attention must be paid to the filter, because with time may be consumed and thus give off harmful substances such as ammonium and silver. Furthermore, it is preferable to choose those filters that also contain silver salts , known for their bactericidal action. This will prevent the unfortunate problem of the proliferation of bacteria when the water is in the jug.

Activated carbon filters

The active charcoal filters, much used in the aqueducts, are of specific filters whose function is to remove the chlorine from the water is that the harmful substances that make it non-potable. These filters may be effective, however, have a considerable cost that starts from 212 euro up to 635 euro excluding the cost of maintenance. An expense, the latter, which should be repeated every six to 12 months (depending on the place of use).
In fact, activated carbon filters are very delicate, and easily become clogged over careful maintenance also require frequent replacement . Furthermore, once placed, usually under the sink, it must integrate with the ultraviolet lamps . These lamps have the task of preventing the development of bacteria and germs that are around these filters ideal habitat.

Water purifiers for household use


Water softeners are special filters whose purpose is to sweeten, in fact, the water, depriving it of calcium and magnesium. Perform a function mainly limescale able to prevent the fouling from the pipes. For this reason are widely used in home appliances. Softeners most used are those ion exchange costituti Catoni of sodium, whose operation is based on one exchange of ions .
In the moment in which the water passes into the filter, the ions of magnesium and calcium ions are replaced by iodine. Their use is not recommended for those waters in itself little hard, too sweet not only because water may exceed the limit of hardness required by law, of 10 ° F, but it could also ruin the pipes because of its pH, overly acidic.

Microfiltration is a type of filter that is distinguished from other water treatment systems because of its operation. In fact, it is not a real treatment purifier because it does not carry any water. At its basis in fact there is no osmosis or ion exchange, it acts simply retaining the solids present in the water . To this end consists of a nylon membrane or propylene whose pores have magnitudes less than or equal to 50 micrograms. For this reason, its sole purpose is to lighten the water without purifying it and deprive it of bacteria, chlorine and magnesium.

Water purifiers for household use

Reverse Osmosis
The filters that are based on reverse osmosis are used primarily to filter out the rich waters of the saline substances and nitrates. They consist of a semipermeable membrane through which the water is passed with force and therefore filtered. It is a very aggressive filtering system , able to eliminate almost totally the minerals, which are important for our health. The filtered water so can not in fact be used for food use. In addition to being very expensive, introns to 2000, € 3000, this type of purifier also causes a lot of waste . Suffice it to say that to get a liter of distilled water or used in at least five of the normal one.

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