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The afternoons for tea and what they give of themselves can be great and depends on how the environment and the company we choose, we can have a completely different later time. To enjoy different atmospheres such, we only have to create them.To do this we have many possibilities , from tea bags to teapots, to how to serve, mugs and even sugar! If you are interested to have a range of options, we believe that it is best to see some examples, because with some of them, too many words.Getting a theme while at home with whoever we want is easy and always, regardless of the guests, and the time that we have in each case, surprised.

Fun Ways tea A cup does not have to be a boring object containing only our tea and our coffee. A cup can be a fun product, original, surprising, and that suits the tastes and needs of each user.For in Compradicción know and that is why we have spoken, and much, Mugs, showing signs of the most innovative designs. That is why we decided to make a selection for every taste … fans can drink your tea or coffee from a very special way. And here the options vary by favorite social network. Twitter?? Facebook?? Then just simply choose.So if you are someone who prefer to write their actions, thoughts or opinions in 140 characters, you can choose the Tweetttaza that provides the ability to customize it with the user name, different fonts and different artwork (8 euros). Another option is the Twitsig Mug you to place on its surface the user name, photo and even a tweet or dedication (9.75 euros). Meanwhile, those who use Facebook have the ability to use the cup I need more coffee wall showing the social network (at least in its old design) been described as the need to drink coffee (10.50 euros ) This is the Cookie Cup designed by Enrique Luis Sardi for the brand Lavazza . It is made ​​of pastry and inside, has a glaze bath to make it watertight. Thus, it is used as cup and once the content has been completed, can eat and enjoy the biscuit.It is more common than you might think. Yes, in the office each carrying his cup but when the need is very likely that someone else is using it or already have used and is dirty. Is that someone has thought anti thieves designs .The first is the Dirty Mug , a mug that looks dirty. Coffee stains and even traces of lipstick on the rim. Not anyone want to drink anything in an object like this (8.65 euros). For his part, and a little more original and impossible to use if you do not own it, we have the Plug Mug , It has a plug and a hole as a drain. Thus, the owner may bring the cap and no one can fill (13,50 euros to change). Enough to burn or, on the contrary, drinking coffee or iced tea. Well now the cup will be responsible for reporting on the temperature of the contents . Parfa this, the Battery Mug features a picture of a battery on one side. But it is different, because it is sensitive to heat, and thus indicate the temperature having the liquid (19 euros). His name is on / off coffe mug and has a particularity. Is that when it is empty, it will look black and indicative OFF is blank. For its part, as being filled start to look white and the word ON appears. Fun Ways tea Fun Ways tea Fun Ways tea Fun Ways tea Fun Ways tea Fun Ways tea Fun Ways tea Fun Ways tea Fun Ways tea Fun Ways tea Fun Ways tea Fun Ways tea Fun Ways tea Fun Ways tea Fun Ways tea Fun Ways tea Fun Ways tea Fun Ways tea Fun Ways tea

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