Precautions you take at home before going on holiday

You almost have here the Christmas holidays. Perhaps many are preparing and packing for travel to reunite with the family but … Have you stopped to think about the precautions you must take to leave your house empty? Do not worry, we’ve thought and then I leave a list of preventive measures.

Precautions you take at home before going on holiday

With a series of small gestures will avoid the waste of energy during your absence or the dangers of a breakdown.
sure that doors and windows are closed. Do not leave perishable foods in the fridge or pantry, or you can take a somewhat unpleasant surprise to you back. Close the gas tap or bottles . Check this two or three times never hurts.
Verifies that no dripping faucet . Check that any leaks or that the tank has no loss is important as well. Safer still is, if you have it on hand, you close the faucet. This gives you peace of mind.

Unplug all electrical appliances that are not needed. It is very common that we stop lamps, televisions or music devices permanently plugged in but it is better not to when we left the house for a few days. In addition to saving energy, avoid spoilage if you suffer some kind of electrical fault. Check that all the house lights are off , both the interior and the exterior. And if you really like Christmas, should not be left on any Christmas ornament.
Review invoices. Verify that water bills, electricity, telephone, gas … are current. It would be really nasty cut on some supply around our holiday.

The fridge , and for several days will not open, and possibly leave almost empty, you can put it in the cold minimum, this will help you not waste energy. Turn off the heat . It would be useless to light up every day when you will not be home.

Take out the trash. Do not you dare leave the garbage bag at home or around you might find an air freshener not overly friendly.  If you are someone who are very farsighted, a good solution for when you leave home are resettable circuit breakers . This system automatically reconnects the electrical circuit when electricity jumps, as can happen with a storm.

One last tip, which always gives us peace of mind when we are away from home, is to leave the keys to a relative, friend or trusted neighbor to commit to happen occasionally, for our house to make sure everything is in order.
Here you fairly comprehensive list of precautions before leaving home. The fulfill all or some else?

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